Sunday, September 23, 2007

Words on the Church from Mercy Amba Ewudzina Oduyoye

A Summer Series post.

[T]he Church cannot describe itself as holy and mean that it is separate from the world and the world's agenda. Stating doctrines inside the church will not liberate unless the Church gets out into the streets, heals the sick and confronts the unjust. The Church is in the world that God loved, and has to work for the well-being of the world. Seeing that God's presence cannot be limited to organized Christianity, the Church does well to see where God is at work and to promote those salvific acts.
*************---Mercy Amba Oduyoye


Paul said...

I simply have to borrow this in its entirety (with attribution, of course). Thanks for sharing it.

Jane R said...

I can dig out the full reference for you if you wish. But simply attributing it to Mercy Amba Oduyoye will do.

Glad you liked it. I've missed sharing bits of theology here.

Give my love to the West. I miss it.

Paul said...

Attribution to M.A.O. and a hat tip to you were duly given.

I miss you, my dear, and am glad we can keep in touch through blogtopia (TM skippy the bush kangaroo).

Bp. Steenson has announced his impending resignation. ++Katherine will join him at the clergy conference this Wednesday. Do keep the Diocese of the Rio Grande in your prayers. We have so much healing to do. (And kudos to +Jeffrey for licensing me, an unexpected, hospitable, and pastoral act that is significant, given the context.)

Paul said...

Foodie alert! La Waters featured at the NYT and further comments from the Group News Blog:

Jane R said...

I confess I found the blog piece better than the NYT article around which it was wrapped. So thanks for forwarding. I'd actually gotten the NYT piece in a mailing from my local Slow Food organization (are we hopeless foodies or what?) courtesy of Charlie Headington (the local permaculture guru, religion-and-ecology teacher, and old friend of Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, if you know them from their on and off Berkeley sojourns), who wrote of the Times article (and he's not usually snooty at all) "The writer is pretty clueless about food, but says some nice things about Alice. The same issue of the NYTimes has an article on backyard bees and a main editorial on the superfluity of ethanol from corn." So there you have it. I have to go correct 18 take-home exams on the 4th century and run to the office. But first, organic pecan granola. Hugs via the blogosphere.

johnieb said...

Thanks to Jane R. for the postings update and you both for the NYT link. Your slow food place does other than e-mail postings?

Tomato-glutted (almost) in CT.