Sunday, September 16, 2007

Upcoming movie on the Carter family (the musical one, not the political one)

I know the last thing you thought you'd find here was Carter-Cash kind of music, but this blog and I are impossibly eclectic and my friend Beth the fabulous documentary-maker has almost finished her movie on the Carter family, and there is a great picture of her with Randy Scruggs (I barely know who he is) on the info site for the movie. Hot if you're a country music fan, fun even if you're not.

If you haven't seen Beth Harrington's film "Welcome to the Club" on the women of rockabilly, you must. (It aired on PBS stations a few years ago and I think it's making the rounds again.)

Beth also has movies on Italian saints' festivals in Boston and Sicily, the Aleutian Islands, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and a "creative nonfiction" autobiographical one called "The Blinking Madonna" which came out a little over a dozen years ago, around the time we became friends. It is set in Boston, Beth's original home. (She's now on the West Coast. Her beloved, now husband and still beloved, is a vulcanologist, and there are no volcanoes in Massachusetts, so she moved.)

Just a little p.r. for our friends. I'm biased, but honestly, Beth is terrific and has been nominated for an Emmy and a Grammy for past films and won all kinds of other awards. She makes great movies and she's one fine person. And you know you want to learn about the Carter family --and hear some fine country-roots music.


johnieb said...

Eclectic: you?

No, I didn't have you figured for a Hank Williams fan, but nobody's perfect.

Both the Carter Family and Women of Rockabilly films sound delicious, and your friends, as always, delightful. Of course, we do hear about them from their friend, although occasionally a glimpse from an outside source slips by, as with the Georgetown Theologian mentioned at MPs the other week, or maybe this one; my time sense is a little off.

Still, is being investigated by the hierarchy contrary to such good repute, or does it reinforce your message? I have my own prejudices, naturlich, which should be easy to make out with little effort.

Jane R said...

Actually, I mostly loathe country music. But I realize it's a matter of taste, and I love a good story. The Carter-Cash family is a good story. And Beth makes good movies.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I am a great fan of Johnny Cash and the Carter family. I was privileged to hear them in concert many years ago, Johnny, June, June's sister, and Mother Maybelle. They gave us a great show. There was no opening act, just Cash and the Carters, and they played and sang their hearts out and gave us a couple of encores. I won't forget it.

I look forward to this documentary, Jane.