Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Feast of Saint Francis!

Today is the Feast of Francis of Assisi.

More later, but for now, a painting by Giotto. This is Francis's conversation with the Sultan, and yes, that's fire on the left.


Padre Mickey said...

That's a great painting, Jane.
I don't know the story about St. Francis and the Sultan; guess I'll look it up.

johnieb said...

What color and power.

And I look forward to the results at your place, Padre; as always, thanks for your ministry hereabouts.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, that's beautiful. Giotto! What else would you expect?

johnieb said...

I'm noting how shamefully worn my little book has become, mirroring the ebbing of these material devotions IRL. I'm been thinking of your direction to use the Internet more for this, Jane R.; surely a good use of these tools we have been blessed with.

Jane R said...

Mickey, I posted a Francis and Sultan link a few posts above. Check it out.

Mimi, I have found a great link to the Giotto frescoes of St. Francis. That's where I discovered this reproduction. Wonderful color!

Johnie, there is a link to the Daily Office online to the right.

Blessings, all. Maya Pavlova says hi and "Happy St. Francis Week!"