Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sox Nation South

Yes, have been too tired and busy to discourse on saints in the Episcopal and ecumenical calendars, and didn't get to watch the game last night, but did have a peek at some batting practice photos, and here are some. Paul has his princes and I have a few BoSox. These are for you, Paul. (The one not in uniform is general manager Theo Epstein, in case you didn't know.)

Also, an interesting column in yesterday's Globe about psychological changes among Red Sox fans, specifically the loss of angst.

Those of us of a certain age who dwelled in Boston for a certain time will, of course, never forget the angst part. It's you youngsters we worry about.

And then of course there was last night's game, and this morning's article. Go, boys!

Now on to the day... We have more rain...


Paul said...

Jane, you are a true friend! Is that third chap single?

Just for this I, as non-sports-fan as they come, shall cheer for the Bosox. (I will also refrain from putting some ancient Romanov in the Friday photos.) You're a dear.

Jane R said...

Sweetheart, I think he plays for my team and not yours, but I will check. I haven't kept up on my Boston gossip as well as I ought. When the Sox won the Series Theo was single, but I suspect that since then both he and the players have had many, er, admirers offering to become friends.

johnieb said...

I like the motto Elizabeth K. says she has on a T-shirt; "I have two favorite teams: the Red Sox and whoever's playing the Yankees."

It takes Chutzpah to wear that in NE NJ, which she does not lack.

johnieb said...

And, for those too busy writing sermons to multi-task, Game 3, 6 runs in the top of the third: 6-0 Boston. :)

Jane R said...

Thank you, Jesus. And thank you Johnie. :-)

I'm actually reconstructing last Sunday's sermon so I can finally post it here.

It's been the week from, well, I guess not hell, but somewhere not so nice -- culminating in one of my computers, the older one on which I do all my writing (I mean non-college-job writing) going into a coma last night. Spent much of the day at the IT office. Mercifully, they did some surgery and have rigged up something with the hard drive, which I now have plugged into my work-issue computer. Anyone want to buy a poor girl a new laptop? Lord have mercy.

And yes, I had major writings backed up, so I wasn't in total data panic.

Anyway, I'd better get back to the Bible.


I think I'll do what I did the night they won the Series. I followed the game online. (I was in California.)

eileen said...

Um, Jane, listen...don't tell my family, but um, that GM is HOT, and I may have to switch and be a BoSox fan.

Hands OFF Paul...(although, I could be coaxed to share!)

Jane R said...

Okay kids, fun's over. Back when the Sox won the series in '04, Mr. GM was single. You didn't think that was going to last, did you? I checked with my Boston spies this week and a) sorry Paul, he's straight and b) sorry Eileen, he's married.

I know, I'm just a spoilsport church lady schoolmarm.

Who doesn't have time to blog this week... Aaargh... Maybe in a day or two...

eileen said...