Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hail yes

The thunderstorm threatened for hours. At last it is raining, the hardest, most dense rain we have had in months, and it is also hailing, simultaneously. The hailstones are huge -- between half a centimeter and a centimeter in diameter.

Maya Pavlova is under a desk lamp, ignoring it all and grooming herself.

I am designing theology sessions for the diocesan Deacon Formation Program.


johnieb said...


my idea of a big hailstone is 3-4 cm. Of course, that area of the country is noted for violent thunderstorms AKA Tornadoes.

I suppose I have taken this much time to realize what violent weather we had, but I knew no other. Storm cellars (dugouts, mostly) were a given.

Jane R said...

It's all context!

Those are some big hailstones. Whew. Did you get caught in hailstorms? Ouch.

johnieb said...

Context: precisely.

Well, there was that incident of driving through a tornado. The hail from that was the size of golf balls: ~ 3-4 cm. That's why I was worried that the windshield would be destroyed; a hailstorm can demolish a car: completely wreck both glass and metal.

Jane R said...

There is no peppermint in Sweet Tea. Peppermint is what I make. No caffeine, and I drink it sugarless because

Sweet Tea is made with regular black tea, just teabags -- and, most importantly, water that has been heavily sweetened with sugar -- the authentic sweet tea has the water sweetened before the tea steeps rather than after. But not everyone does it the authentic way. (Note: I'm not from the South but I looked it up.)

Jane R said...

Oops, didn't finish my sentence. I drink it unsweetened because I am watching my calorie intake.

Jane R said...

P.S. And without ice cubes because I dislike overly cold drinks; I wasn't raised in the U.S. so I never got into the habit. (And actually, as a kid I used to complain that ice cream was a little too cold.)