Monday, June 2, 2008

More politics: Obama and his church

Rmj at Adventus has a sharply worded, well-worth-reading critique of the Senator-Obama-leaving-Trinity episode. Read it here.

A Tuesday postscript: Cardinal George puts Fr. Pfleger (who mocked Clinton from Trinity pulpit) on leave for a bit.


pj said...

I somehow managed to miss this as it unfolded. I don't quite understand how, unless NPR chose not to cover it(???).

Anyway, it worries me that Obama felt the need to "divorce" himself from his church. The right-wing will have plenty in store for him when he becomes the candidate, and he had better be able to stand his ground.

What was that ridiculous Fr. FleagleBeagle thinking, anyway???

Jane R said...

Good points. I'm posting a little follow-up in the main post.