Friday, June 6, 2008

Nicaraguan priest elected president of United Nations General Assembly

Well! Look where Miguel D'Escoto has turned up!



Ken said...

I never even heard of this guy before, but that's not important. Actually neither is what's going to follow and which already began with the denunciation from that member of the US Mission: the bellowing that the we as a disunited states should withdraw from the UN because they had the temerity to say bad things about us; the demand that the UN be expelled from US soil so we can turn the East Side buildings over to K. Hovnanian to build more crappy condos nobody can afford to buy anymore. I wonder what the critics--who haven't even started yet--would say to Oscar Romero or Gustavo Gutierrez. No, I don't have to ask, do I? -- [signed] Mr. Sunshine

FranIAm said...

I saw this - fascinating.

Very fascinating.