Sunday, June 29, 2008

(Older) lesbian wisdom

In honor of San Francisco, Paris, and many other cities' Pride Day, Acts of Hope brings you the wisdom of our friend janinsanfran, who has written two essays that will interest many of you.

1. Jan's monthly essay for "Gay and Gray" reflects on the changes among elders in the lgbt community following the advent of gay/lesbian marriage.

2. "Obama: a dyke's eye view" is Jan's essay on her blog for this Pride Weekend. A must-read for persons of all genders and sexual orientations. And not just for U.S. citizens, but for folks abroad as well.

As a hetero woman who loves men but is also highly suspicious of overly charming and good-looking men who know they are charming, I found this essay helpful. Even with my hermeneutic of suspicion of both handsome men and politicians, I need a dose of lesbian political wisdom from my friends. Jan says she suspects her post will not be popular. I think her analysis is right on.

P.S. * SF Pride story and photos here.

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Jan said...

Thanks for the links to Jan's articles. I hadn't looked at her blog for a long, long time.