Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sabbath meditation

Here's a little something for our weekend meditation.

It's a video biography of Julian of Norwich with a lot of quotes from the writings of Julian herself.

It has a slow pace, and remember, you can always "pause" the video and ponder on a little piece of its contents.

The video notes that the writings of this 14th century mystic and theologian appeal to many people in our time. Find out why.

Brought to us by Trinity Television and New Media, via the Episcopal Café.



FranIAm said...

I will come back - I have only watched the first few moments, but so lovely.

Thank you Jane!

BooCat said...

Thank you, Jane. Julian is very special to me for a great many reasons, not the least of which is probably her cat. At my most distressed moments, I oftentimes get out my Rosary and say her "all shall be well" prayer until I calm down.

Thanks for coming back by and revisiting my kittens. I will probably absolutely bore everyone with pictures of Doc and Boo as they grow up. They have really cheered things up around this place.