Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Seven little goslings, all in a row

... at least in one of the pictures.

I took these pictures last month before going out of town.

The goslings were just about to leave the cute baby phase: they were no longer small, round, and super-fuzzy, but they were still a little fuzzy, undifferentiated grey, and visibly smaller than their parents.

As you will see tomorrow, they are in an entirely different phase this week. For now, pull out the oohs and aahs.

I am including the first overexposed photo just so you can see the baby geese together on land. On land they and their goosey parents poke into the grass almost constantly for food. If I am remembering correctly, we'd had some rain, so there were probably a lot of delicious grubby things to eat.

The family is prettier on the water.

Click each photo to enlarge and see detail.

Ploof! They jumped into the water. These next seven photos are a sequence. As soon as the geese started jumping in I followed them with my camera (Pentax ME-Super, 400-speed 35 mm film) and clicked and clicked and also moved around on the shore. (No telephoto lens, just a standard one.)

Back to shore they came.

Don't forget to click each picture to enlarge it: you'll be able to see the goslings up close and the details of the water with its swirls and reflections.


Paul said...

Lovely photos. Thanks. And I adore me some rhodies.

pj said...

Aw. Very nice. There's something so sweet about the way they swim after Mom and Dad in single file. Little fuzzbugs.

Excellent photography, madam.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Perfect family values. How sweet. Very nice pictures, Jane.

Kitten said...

These pictures remind me of one of my favorite books from childhood, "Make Way For Ducklings." They also remind me of the statue in the Boston Common inspired by the illustrations from this book. Very nice pictures indeed!

johnieb said...

I think I might get very similar pictures in the park a couple of blocks NW; I may go for roses instead.

I forget that cameras are for things other than babies and cats!

Jane R said...


Don't worry, Miss Maya returns to the blog tomorrow. She finds her way into nearly every row of film.

Speaking of Maya Pavlova, she just appeared. Mrrrooow! Someone wants attention.

Jan said...

Reminds me of "Make Way for Ducklings," one of my favorite books!