Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer tunes: we start with the Animals...

... because I thought of them over at P.J.'s (she's asking for songs that make you say "yeah!") and because this song of theirs has been a favorite of mine for decades.

All together now... We've gotta get out of this place...!

As you will see on the YouTube comments, this was a favorite, if you can call it that, among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam.

And another one of the same, with the real boys playing live, not just still photos. (Tip o' the summer straw hat to Kate Morningstar.)


johnieb said...

Especilly if done by a Korean or Filipino woman in the open air from a flatbed trailer.

There's a better life for me and you!

johnieb said...

Oops! More coffee, he said (Still on Phoenix time, plus a late flight weather delayed)