Friday, June 20, 2008

You heard it here first: Mark Jordan hired at Harvard

This news just in from a friend at Harvard Divinity School.


Chris T. said...

I was contemplating posting the same news!

Another interested tidbit in this announcement is that the money for Jordan's endowed chair came from Tom Chappell of the company Tom's of Maine, whose toothpaste I use. (The fennel flavor is really nice.)

Anyhow, Chappell has an MTS (I think) from Harvard and was featured in a Business Week article about business leaders with theological degrees a few years back. He's an interesting figure.

Jane R said...

I think his years at HDS were when I was an officer on the Alumni/ae Council because I remember seeing him around. That would have been the late 80s and early/mid-90s. And yes, his degree was an MTS. Very nice man.

I use the toothpaste also. And you're one of the few other people I know who likes the fennel flavor. (I don't like licorice, but I like fennel - interesting. I like some of the other flavors too. There is a new clove one --or cinnamon-clove-- too lazy to run into the bathroom and check-- too.)