Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Getting ready to decompress after an absolutely brutal semester on all fronts. (The blog, being a public place, doesn't tell the half of it.)

The grades are in. I met two deadlines and missed two others. I have to do some more catch-up in the next few days and then I get to settle in for a quiet, I hope very quiet, few weeks.

Sunday I am preaching (always a joy and not part of the pressure; well, just a bit in this case, since it's at a new place*) and I am pondering Mary as Advent prophet.

* [Added later:] No, I haven't left St. Mary's House, it remains my beloved home base, but I will be at All Saints, Greensboro a few Sundays a month until May or so. A wonderful faith community where I have already had the joy of worshipping. I've meant to write about the lovely chant with which they begin the liturgy and in particular the Advent chant. A great idea for gathering, centering and calming, before the processional and entrance hymn.


+clumber said...

Prayers go out to you and +maya for a speedy recovery from grading! Remember, the canine and feline bishops are here to help you if you get really stuck!

Peace be with you down there and good preaching!

How about really shaking them up and telling them about +maya as Advent prophet? They might not ask you back, but it would be immense fun!

woof to you both, and thanks for support in the Dah Veed/Clumber altercation! I think it's all settled now!

it's margaret said...

Clumber! --how many balls do you have!!!!

I am sorry Jane--back to my prayer for you --may your rest be restorative AND provocative --in the best way.

+clumber said...

Dear it's margaret,

Enough to handle those jackasses in the Fake Diocese of Pittsburgh and the asshats in my old stomping ground of Binghamton, I can assure you!

Yours in Christ,