Friday, December 12, 2008

Greensboro book party (and a cat blogging bonus)

I should have posted this before today, but between Finals Week and everything else including waiting for books to arrive (thank you, Publicist of Acts of Hope who chased down errant UPS for two days), I neglected to do so. At least I got invitations out to all of you who are in the area, at least I hope so. If I did not, write me at widsauthor at earthlink dot net: it's time for the Greensboro Book Party for When in Doubt, Sing!

The party is this Sunday evening, December 14 and it is a joint party with a member of my congregation, Sarah Lindsay, who also has a book out. She is a very good poet and we are holding the party at our church (or rather, our church is hosting the party, thank you, church) and thought it would be fun to have our respective crews of friends and colleagues be in the same place. Sarah will read some of her poetry, I will read bits of the book on prayer, and we will sell and sign books when asked (that's why I needed to get 50 books here pronto) and generally eat, drink, and be merry.

Grades are due first thing in the morning Monday (I'm aiming for sooner, but as usual, good luck to me) and I teach the deacon candidates a double session tomorrow an hour away from here. On Monday things slow down. We hope.

Again, please let me know if you are interested in attending the book event. You don't have to be bookish to show up.

+Maya Pavlova, Feline Bishop Extraordinaire, will not be present. She has other things to do and much as I tried to interest her in the book the day the first copy arrived (when I took these photos), she only wanted to groom herself. Her Grace has her priorities.

Bird? What bird? I only pay attention to the real thing.

A truly virtuous bishop, not swayed by the lure of literary fame.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Ah, Jane. That hurts. +Maya with her back to the book.

You and Sarah have a great time at your book party. I hope that you have a grand time and sell many books.

Kitten said...

Now THAT'S a real Bookkitten!

You've made us all proud, Jane! I'm buying my copy soon, and when I've read it, I'll have a review on my blog!!

Jane R said...

Kitten, how sweet. Thank you.

Mimi, +Maya is giving me spiritual perspective. Cats keep their humans' egos in check. It's part of their job description, you know.

As long as she doesn't stop me from selling books, I'm fine. And since the money goes to help feed her, I think I'm safe. She knows on which side her bread is buttered. She also helps me write, and when I get home from the party she will want to sit on my lap (or jump up on my shoulders). So the setup works for us both. I'll have to get my literary praise from some other creature.

Thanks for the good wishes for the party. We have over 30 people who have RSVP'd yes, a bunch of "maybes," and undoubtedly folks who will show up without having RSVP'd. (Miss Manners would not approve, but that's the 21st century for you.) I'm looking forward to hearing Sarah read her poetry. She has a gift. She's a very quiet person, but she has amazing language and ideas inside her and crafts them beautifully in her work.

Paul said...

Very proud of you, Jane.

I often start a book and end up napping so +MP and I may have something in common.

Caminante said...

Sorry I can't be there but I will be in spirit. The kittehs say not to be discouraged by the bishop's behaviour.

Doorman-Priest said...

I hope it goes well. Congrats!

pj said...

How was the partay? Wish I could have been there!