Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prayer paws

Dear friends,

This is a picture of me. I spend a lot of time in the little hollow at the top of the sofa cushion these days. It is winter and it is what I like.

When I am awake I dart about and make mischief, so don't think I have forgotten how to play. I jumped onto the high shelf of one of the kitchen cupboards today. I thought I looked very cute amid the coffee presses and pitchers. I know I am not supposed to be there, but I am +Maya Pavlova and I belong everywhere. I love jumping onto the kitchen counters and from there into the cupboards; if their doors are open, even briefly, how can I not enter?

My Jane is thinking of taking a blogging break. I am praying for her in my sleep.

Love and purrs,

The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, Feline Bishop Extraordinaire

1 comment:

eileen said...

Blogging breaks are sometimes necessary..(((((((Jane)))))))