Monday, April 2, 2007

The 2-minute Haggadah was a joke, but this one's for real!

As the French say, la réalité dépasse la fiction.

Or as people here and there and everywhere say, only in America -- and as one of my hosts and I exclaimed almost simultaneously tonight, only in the fertile mind of Baby Boomers! Oy!

In this morning's Washington Post, here it is: for sale, for use in your own home, the thirty-minute Seder. No kidding.

My post on the two-minute Hagaddah is here.


Padre Mickey said...

We almost used the two-minute haggadah tonight, but reason prevailed and we used the usual thang (actually, it's a haggadah made by the USO for use by soldiers! But everything's there).

Man, do I hate that kosher concord grape wine!

Padre Mickey said...

Oh yeah, Elijah didn't show AGAIN!!
And his dinner got cold.

Jane R said...

Ah, you did find this, good.

Eeeeeuw... You used Manischewitz!? (Or the equivalent.) Listen, it's probably hard to find in Panamá especially on a budget (but I will bet you anything that there are folks importing it via the diplomatic pouch ;-)), but they are making really, really good kosher for Passover wines these days, even in France! Also in the U.S. and Israel and Chile and I think in South Africa and Australia too. Or if you're not going to be in a super-observant household you can just bring a good bottle of not-kosher red wine (or two) to supplement what's available. (I used to do that at my aunt's in Berkeley. It was potluck anyway, though we each had our specialties which we got assigned to bring. Too bad I can't ship my chocolate-hazelnut Passover torte by e-mail ;-))

That Elijah. He may be a prophet, but he's still a guy; you know how unreliable men can be {{running and ducking}}.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I accepted the challenge. See my blog.