Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday cat blogging (but do read the post on fascism below, too)

Haha, there were more photos of the late lamented Sensei around. They were just on the other computer. Here he is settled into the dobro case of a visiting friend. (A couple of friends were here, a bluegrass musical couple, one dobro-playing and one banjo-playing, about 18 months ago just months after I moved here.) Sensei thought the open case with its soft lining and perfect size was just the place to hang out. Not a very clear photo, sorry, but quintessentially feline.


PadreRob+ said...

Do you know this blog?

Jane R said...

No, I'll have to look it up.

I miss my Sensei. He was only two and some years old when he died -- of cardiac arrest during surgery for a bladder/UT blockage a year ago Palm Sunday.

I did try to adopt twice but turned out to be allergic to both beasts and had to return them to their foster parents / agencies. Maybe they weren't the right cats for me; I am now waiting a bit since I have been traveling a fair amount this spring and didn't want to leave a new cat all alone (they are okay once they settle in, if someone visits them). Also I think I was still grieving for Sensei, who really was quite a soul. I am allergic to some and not to others so I have to test them out for a few days :-/ -- though the stress level in life and job may have made the allergies worse, I am going to take myself to an acupuncturist and see what happens. Once I have figured out the rest of the summer (I only have the beginning planned due to work on the Big Academic Tome) I can figure out when a good time might be to adopt -- or to pray that the cosmos will send me the right cat so I can adopt. Generally a cat finds its person by some cosmic mechanism, I've learned. :-) (Even if that mechanism involves friends leaving the country or the local pet shelter.)