Thursday, November 15, 2007

More international news: Italy and Turkey

Old and new Rome (Rome and Constantinople, a.k.a. Istanbul) are involved in a new set of dynamics, more political than religious.

No, this is not turning into a news blog, but I do periodically post news and social analysis, as regular readers know. I just received this interesting link to an article about the Italy/Turkey dynamics which happens to be (not coincidentally) by my brother.

Have a look.


johnieb said...

It's in English, I hope? Boo on learning three languages at once, I think, though they all are lovely, and why not?

johnieb said...

This reminds me of some "open-source" material I used in the Sixties; the only secret worth knowing is probably how much U S Intelligence services use which open sources and in what ways, the practice itself being universal. Were this in my current purview, I would rate it pretty high, but I would expect to have a clippings file with some "reliably informed journalists".

One of the hazards of the trade is being useful to spooks.