Friday, November 16, 2007


is what this feels like. A week ago I was in Belgium in a place that looks like this and this. Tonight I am in San Diego, nine time zones West of there (after four and a half days back home, two-thirds of the way here) and it looks like this:Only more so, and very (post)modern and "built." Concrete, concrete everywhere, and even the palm trees look like someone plunked them here five minutes ago.

The human body is not made for living in this kind of environment.


johnieb said...

By "environment". do you mean "San Diego" or "These kinds of shifts"?

I feel for ya, nonetheless and whatsoever. What kinda time shifts is the question, eh?

Peace and blessing

Jane R said...

I left it deliberately ambiguous -- though I did mean primarily the kind of built environment where nature and the shape and size of the human body recede and square concrete things predominate.

But I was also thinking of the travel. I didn't hit me the same way going East to Europe.

I do love California and used to live here. But up North in the Bay Area, and downtown convention-center districts are weird in all cities.

Off to work. Thanks for the blessings.

Kenneth Wolman said...

This leaves someone (not me) to account for the "jet setters" who seem to thrive on the regimen, on bad food and conditioned air. I'm thinking of Placido Domingo, active since 1960 (that's almost 50 years!), and still going strong. If the voice doesn't have the great top anymore, the middle and lower voices seem untouched by time and have the same burnished quality they had long ago. And this man lives on airplanes--though now more than likely it's a private jet. All the same--you fool your body, which thinks it's in Vienna while you're getting off the plane in San Francisco. That's been known to happen.