Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Watanabe Emmaus

Long before there was the Chinese artist He Qi, there was the Japanese artist Sadao Watanabe, long one of my very favorites. Here is his Emmaus image.


Padre Mickey said...

So Jesus was revealed in the breaking of the sakana (fish)?

It is a wonderful painting.

Jane R said...

Watanabe has a very fishy Last Supper, too. I also love his Good Samaritan.

Jesus certainly was revealed in the breaking of the fish in his postresurrection breakfast-on-the-beach appearance. It's interesting that there is plenty about fish in several of the stories and that Watanabe (not surprisingly since he is Japanese) picks up on the fish theme even more than on the bread.

Glad you liked the picture. Looking forward to catching up on your blog some more. I checked in once from the West Coast but time was short. I gots lotsa reading to do the next few days. Should be fun. But first, we have to deal with food.