Friday, December 21, 2007

Life with the old liberals...

... is good. It also involves early-to-bed times given the average age around here, but not tonight: we are staying up relatively late (10 p.m.) because one of the family heroes, Bill Moyers, is on the local PBS station every Friday at 9 p.m.

If you don't or can't watch Bill Moyers Journal on tv, check out the website. There's always good stuff on there.

[Edited Sat., Dec. 22 in the p.m.] I've hotlinked the show's website to the words "Bill Moyers Journal" above now that I am back in the land of high-speed. (How spoiled we young 'uns are with our speedy internet connections. Though nota bene: Mother of Acts of Hope, age 89 --or as she proudly proclaims, "in my ninetieth year"-- is in the process of revolting against the status quo and getting her own high-speed connection, separate e-mail address, and personal laptop in the new year. Did I mention I come from a long line of stubborn women?)


johnieb said...

Hoorah for Mother of Acts of Hope!

Sir Francis sirfr AT earthlink DOT net said...

"one of the family heroes, Bill Moyers, is on the local PBS station…"

Mine too. Listening to him recently on local community radio sounding forth in a truly prophetic vein, I wept and thought, Oh G-d, brother Bill, we *need* you. What a vice-president you would make. (At least for the 2-3 weeks before he was assassinated. I bear in mind what Michael Moore said when asked if *he* would run for president: No. I want to live.")

Season's greetings.

Jane R said...

Greetings, Sir Francis. Sorry I never answered your question about the cat of many moons ago. Please don't take offense. A joyous Advent and Christmas to you! Glad to have you visit again. I fear you are absolutely right about what we do to our best politicians. And it may be that Moyers does more good where he is. Have a look at the interviews from last night's show. Very, very interesting and challenging.