Friday, December 7, 2007

On the road again - guess the location

I'm off again. I know, poor me, traveling all the time. This time I won't tell you where, and you can guess. I'll be off-line for a two or three days due to long hours of travel and family commitments, but I hope to blog when I've arrived at my destination.

P.S. JohnieB, you are not allowed to play because you know where. And I'm not putting any serious hints in the labels list. (And no fair clicking to the web version of the photo.)


MikeF said...

Istanbul? What are you doing in Istanbul, assuming I'm right?


Jane R said...

And... MIKE wins the prize (to be determined and sent upon my return) on the first try!

My one and only brother, who is somewhat older than I, is celebrating his 65th birthday tomorrow. He lives in Rome, his beloved lives in Istanbul, and she's throwing the party. I've never been to Istanbul. Turkish Airlines had cheap tickets. I don't have to pay for my housing there. My students (except for a few late ones who are turning in their work via internet) have finished their research papers and I can read them on the plane and early next week, and we are required to turn in end of semester grades online anyway. So I'm going. I have another post that is half written and will appear below this one since I began it last night. A little something about Advent.

I hope to blog since I'll be staying in a place with WiFi. I saw that TheMeThatIsMe visited Istanbul recently (it's on his blog for late Oct., or a memory of it) but not sure what the purpose of the visit was. If it was something Anglican, I'd love to know. Actually, even if it wasn't something Anglican. And yes of course I will do a little research-tourism in the land of Orthodox churches and mosques and Sufi mystics' dwellings. I hear Istanbul is also a very happenin' place -- and beautiful. I can't quite believe I'm going since I have been swamped (and will be for another two hours) with work at the college as well as church things and pastoral care. Advent blessings to you, Mike. And if you have any thoughts on visiting Istanbul, please share them.

MikeF said...

Wonderful - the very best kind of trip!

If you read this, Advent blessings to you too. No travel hints, though - it's far too long ago - though the Golden Horn doesn't change!

johnieb said...

I wuzn't gonna cheat: honest.

Kenneth Wolman said...

Repeat after me: Self-referentiality is necessary and a pathway to God. It is not silliness.

By the way, send me back some of the taffy:-).

johnieb said...

My first guess was Milano on a bad day, but too much water. And recently reading Dennis's outstanding piece on Turkey, Italy, and Europe, published in a Turkish newspaper outlet, if memory serves, which Jane R graciously provided a helpful link to some days ago, well, that was a pretty big hint; who's important enough to her to be on the road again already for?

Nice timing on the last day of classes. And I never liked the idea of a final, but so many students seemed to be emotionally or goal- needy (Wake up! Now!) on them that I sometimes yielded. Hmmmph. :) I wouldn't give the silly things if I didn't feel pressed from outside in one way or another.

I hope the trip is going/ has gone very well by the time you read this: blessings and prayers surround us; wash, wade through, be swept away by, the waters from the Wisdom witnessed by Mryyam, from Magdala, and all the Apostles. Look for them, and share what you have known, however briefly.

Jane R said...

Will share indeed. Meanwhile, see below for the quote from Ivone Gebara.

I MISSED my plane -- actually two planes, the one made me miss the other, though the story is a much longer one than that -- and in the midst of it all one of the airlines (not Turkish Airlines, which was wonderful) lost my luggage. Had to stay over in NYC. Was on the road in the same clothes for about 48 hrs. Saga soon. But I have arrived, so has my luggage, I missed the party but not the post-party day with the international guests. I am, as you can imagine, very tired, feeling guilty, and utterly, completely broke because I had to pay a HUGE surcharge to re-book especially since the rates changed to holiday rates the day after I missed the flight. Boy am I paying for my sins!! (I know, bad theology, but it's my psychological state impacting the spiritual. Pray for me.) But I just had to get here even if I had to spend my last dime. The view of the Bosphorus is beautiful, the food is exquisite, and it's good to see my sibling and his beloved. Stay tuned.

P.S. Google-Blogger is speaking Turkish to me!