Thursday, December 20, 2007

Safely ensconsed in snowy New England

The journey from Istanbul to Boston was uneventful. Both planes arrived early (!) and the JFK airport chaos was minimal, though probably because I had such a good amount of time in which to deal with it. One small amusing episode (saga to come) involving Turkish pomegranate syrup and the TSA. I arrived under slightly overcast skies onto snowy ground (they had two big snows this past week in the Northeast of the U.S.) and just a few minutes ago it started snowing again, a beautiful soft snowfall. We are indoors and snug as bugs in the retirement community.

Parents of Acts of Hope (who are both 89 -- I had mentioned Mother of Acts of Hope's birthday in late August but not Father of Acts of Hope's in early November because I was on the road) are well, slow, alert, wringing their hands at the latest Senate war spending (I am wringing with them), and happy to have one of their chickadees home. This little chickadee will be offline for most of the next few days because we are on dial-up here, and also our time is short, so it's Parents Are The Priority time. I shall resurface on or around the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

There may be another post or two in the late evenings after my folks have gone to bed, but right now Father of Acts of Hope wants to take his daily walk (which he does religiously, indoors if the weather doesn't permit outdoor walking) and I am going to keep him company and get some quality father-daughter time.

Blessings, all. Chalcedon stories will come in due time.


johnieb said...

Safe arrival! Blessings for both parents of Jane R.

Padre Mickey said...

I'm happy to hear that you returned safely. Have a good visit with the folks!

Eileen said...

Huzzah! Glad you made it back without event!

Enjoy your time with your parents. Looking forward to hearing about Chalcedon.

lj said...

Have a blessed Christmas, Jane. Peace and grace to you all.