Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anticipatory monkish Belgian beer

Another travel photo from late last year. (This one, though not the ones below, will enlarge if you click.)

An evening in Paris just before the trip to Belgium. I thought this kind of picture would be something I'd take in Brussels or Leuven, since Belgium held promises of beer and in Leuven I'd be staying with monks (Benedictines, not Trappists) but there I was on a Paris avenue, and suddenly I came upon a Stella Artois sign with a merry monk underneath. They were attached to a Belgian restaurant.

All this is one more proof that Paris is a world-class city.

And these buildings are part of what I miss here in the land of Southern sprawl. I am growing to love North Carolina, but give me a real city, please! Where's seventeenth century architecture when you need it? Or even nineteenth century architecture?

Life is busy here. We have finalists for a faculty search in town this week and the next two. The first left late last night. I teach Wednesday and Thursday nights. I'm still wrestling with various pieces of writing.

Peace out. Keep prayin' for your not always humble and somewhat obedient servant.


Mother Laura said...

Hi Jane, hang in there!

Sorry to do this by comment but I don't know your email.

I wanted to draw your attention to the newish Feminist Theology blog found at and also linked off of mine.

It's a mostly TEC clergywoman initiative, which came out of a Kanuga conference, but I am in the rotation along with a couple of others. We post a reflection on the coming Sunday's scripture, ideally by Wed. before for sermon influencing purposes, sometimes by Thursday or Friday. My last one was on Epiphany.

Anyway, if you'd ever like to write a reflection for us or to join the regular rotation (about every six weeks at this point) please let me know at my place or lauraATgrimesDOTws.

We'd also appreciate a mention in a post sometime if you like what you see--we are slow in getting any kind of readership so far.


Algernon said...

Makes me thirsty!

Jane R said...

Hi Laura, I am actually a member of that list, was on it before you but haven't written anything yet or been in touch with the group much beyond my initial hello and thank you. I have some serious demands on my time and pressure right now. Will explain off-blog. The address I give on-blog and which you can use (and from which I can give you my regular address) is missmayapavlova at gmail dot com.

Thanks! And Algernon, it makes me thirsty too. But I am at class break and gotta go finish teaching. So only bancha tea for me.

FranIAm said...

Oh Jane these photos make me long for Paris... It has been a long time.

Thank you, or should I simply say merci. Un biere svp!

Much delayed I am finally adding your fine blog to my blog roll!