Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Blogging may be a little scarce for a few days, but there is a lot to read below...

I need to take a little time off from being chatty, so bear with me (and pray for me) for a few days. Plenty to read and look at below since I was overly loquacious during the holidays.

And there will be more pictures and catch-up tales of Istanbul soon. Including one gorgeous mosque picture. Okay, here's a preview.* We'll revisit this place when I am back in circulation. Peace out.

* Yes, slanted on purpose so it would all fit in. Tilt your head, please. Click to enlarge.

Mosque and fishers in Ortakoy, December sunset. Photo: Jane Redmont


Grandmère Mimi said...

Prayers for you, Jane.

Jane R said...

Thank you so much, Mimi.

And thank you, Laura, for yours. (I read your note in the post below.)