Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

I'm not supposed to be up there with the pottery collection, but I look so perfect and I really didn't disturb anything, except for the tile behind me. Why does she have a tile in the middle of all those pots anyway? She needs something rounded there. Like a cat.


Paul said...

Maya Pavlova is a lovely cat and does look good there. Though I can feel the anxiety.

Jane R said...

Mine or hers?

I let her stay there, of course. She has a mind of her own anyway and it's hard enough work (though a little spray bottle of water helps) to keep her off the dining surfaces. And she does look pretty up there.

She's at the window watching birds in the late afternoon sun.

I'm anxious about my writing and approaching beginning of the semester and diocesan work and work overload over which I have no control. (Yep, I'm breathing.) Maya Pavlova is anxious about not too much. There are birds on the magnolia tree not far from the house. Yes, we really do have magnolia trees here!

sharecropper said...

She is beautiful there, and, having two part Siamese male cats, I do understand anxiety amongst the pottery.

My favorite psalm is 130 - more than watchmen for the morning, more than watchmen for the morning.

Blessings as you begin the new semester.