Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday cat blogging part 2: cacao threats

Nicked from The Website of Unknowing. (Thanks to Eileen again, I found the website through her in a post related to contemplative prayer. )


Carl said...

I'm glad that "gimme the chocolate cat" is making the rounds! Its original home is Whey-Out Chocolate, where you can buy delicious allergen free confections by the amazing Joy Reid.


Carl McColman
The Website of Unknowing

Carl said...

Oops, I got the URL wrong there. It's actually

Jane R said...

Hi Carl -- Yes, if you click on my post you will see that I had linked directly to the post on your blog which has the link to her site, and I did look at it. Thanks for stopping by.

I think that's part of what inspired me to make chocolate truffles last night, by the way... (I don't have food allergies, so they had butter in them. The chocolate was organic and Fair Trade.)

Ken said...

What scares me about that ad is that someone will actually give their cat chocolate. Am I paranoid or merely humorless? Might as well have the kitty wash it down with a glass of antifreeze for what it will do to it.

Jane R said...

Good heavens, the ad is just meant to be funny. Plus no cat would eat chocolate, they would just sniff and walk away. Trust me. I've had chocolate in the house (even the delicious truffles I just made last night) and the cat, who is very good at poking her nose in everything, has no interest at all in it.