Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hometown cat blogging (2): heat-seeking (sleeping) missile

Another excuse not to get writing done.


MikeF said...

Our Figgy likes to do this - one time she awoke sweetly, only to throw up instantly in Jan's nice new MS IntelliType ergonomic keyboard. Now we keep her off them unless we're actually there!

Ken said...

My workspace has a closing door. No cats allowed unless I'm in there. Then again, if you want to get work done, the cat is portable and can be moved:-).

Jane R said...

Well, yeah, but she was so cute. She's quick to jump up on top of things or into the sock drawer and equally quick at jumping on my desk when I have my back turned and settling down for this kind of nap.

I was going to remove her, in fact, but she shifted her position a bit so I didn't have to, and I got purring company for my work. Or whatever I was doing there.