Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow / Convention, cont'd / Sabbath

It is snowing gently here in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Convention ended early due to efficient dispatch of business. Mirabile dictu! I think the weather also had something to do with it.

It is time to get away from meetings, computers, and the pull of the outside world; to make pasta sauce, listen to an update about the home front from the resident feline, and have a nap.

Shabbat Shalom.


Paul said...

Absolutely the right priorities!

Though we await with bated breath the details of convention. And today's wardrobe. LOL

Jane R said...

Heh. I will just mention the wardrobe here in the Comments. I wore purple. Ha! But we have fuchsia bishops, so I wasn't competing. A little more informal today. Still the black pants and shoes, with dark purple collarless long-sleeved top made of Guatemalan cotton, soft lilac scarf (silk and cashmere, a present from the classy sibling and partner) nicely draped around neck to look elegant and deal with the drafts in the convention hall, and the same silver earrings as yesterday -- same black leather blazer also and same nametag ;-). I think same makeup too. PeaceBang would approve, mostly.

Never managed to find time to paint my nails, though. Not that anybody cared.

The bishop of Botswana says "Come to Botswana!"

johnieb said...

But he didn't notice yer nails: boo!

Whatever could he be thinking?

I have been talking with Mimi and Mimi about blogs; what could I be thinking? Anything either of you want to say about it I want to hear, whenever; this is no more urgent than, say, Pentacost.

Pick yer own year.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, what a neat description of a well turned out woman. If all else fails, you could write for a fashion magazine, too.

johnieb said...

Yeah, Mimi and Mimi: true, but I meant "Mimi and MP."

johnieb said...

Were yer ears burning, Mimi?

Jane R said...

JohnieB, your posts are getting cryptic again. (Not all of them.) I am but a poor country theologian, so you have to be more clear with some of your comments or I won't understand all your references. (Yes, I got the Thomas Mann one a couple of posts ago, but WHY it was there was completely unclear to me.)

Jane R said...

Better he shouldn't notice them, JohnieB. Didn't you see I wrote I did NOT have time to paint them?

johnieb said...

I did. Thank you.