Sunday, January 27, 2008

This one's for graphics freaks and political junkies: who's got the winning font?

Great story from the Boston Globe on the fonts and graphics used by the various presidential candidates. As a font freak, I loved this one.


janinsanfran said...

Love this! Though why they didn't include the visuals I don't know. Have many of them from pictures I've grabbed of signs. I think about this sort of thing all the time.

Jane R said...

The Globe story did include visuals (except for Mitt Romney's for some reason)-- did the link not show them?

Paul said...

I enjoyed the discussion though some of its judgments struck me as a bit arbitrary. I love visuals and the analysis thereof.

pj said...

Visuals were there for me. Browser issues?

Ahem. As a former (and sometimes current) graphic designer, and therefore an infallible authority... ahem. Anyway, Obama's is definitely the cleanest and freshest. Hillary's is (dare I say it) pretty! The rest are kind of stodgy.

I'm bummed about Edwards. I was hoping to vote for him on Super-Size Tuesday. :(

johnieb said...

A few of my online friends elsewhere have said they plan to, anyway, PJ, as a sort of "Who cares?" protest.

I still tend towards Clinton. I don't think Obama's message rings quite true, and it's hard for me to believe ANY Chicago pol who claims his dealings with Rezko were nothing but a "bone-headed mistake." That aint no "Fairy Tale"; that's a damned lie.

Apologies if my forthrightness offends. Nobody's perfect in any of this.