Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Three new bloggety-blogs --and happy Tu B'Shvat

So three of my buddies, make that four --one blog is the work of a couple-- have new blogs, some newer than others

1. My old friend (good heavens, has it been that many years?) Ken has a new blog, replacing an old blog or two and an old website or two, unless the website is still up. It is called Le Bestiaire, the bestiary, but it's not in French. [Jan. 26 note: Ken has changed the URL but hasn't told me what it is. I will post it here as soon as I have it. Geez, boys, make up your minds ;-) So much for la donna e' mobile; our donne here are stable...] Ken loves animals and opera; he's also been through the mill in the world of work and tells it like it is; and he honored me with a little theological-spiritual reflection on his own and others' journeys through hard times. Oh, and he's also a poet. And plays the horn, or used to. An erudite fellow who knows how to curse. What's not to love? He's been a visitor to the Comments section here. And oh, he's an Episcopalian with a checkered religious past, much like my own. Checkered religious past? Doesn't that describe at least half of the readers of this blog?

2. My friends Karen and Beth, a couple I know right here in the Triad (Greensboro/ High Point / Winston-Salem, not to be confused with the Triangle, which is Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill) have just started a new blog. It is called Triad GLBT Christian and it's exactly what the name indicates -- a resource for lgbt (having lived in California for ten years, I put the "L" first) people. In their words, we will provide resources and create a forum that addresses issues affecting GLBTs who are Christian, ex-Christian, or Christian-curious. And to them I say a heartfelt "bless your hearts." They are fine women and deeply committed Christians.

3. The ubiquitous JohnieB, traveler of the blogosphere and frequent cyber-visitor to these parts, has succumbed to peer pressure and used his moniker, dontwantadamnedblog, as part of the address for his new blog, which is named Here Still Running. (JohnieB, your blog has suddenly disappeared tonight. Say it ain't so. Is it Blogger or you? P.S. the next morning: Okay, per the Comments, JohnieB has a new blog URL without the dontwantadamnedblog, same name though, Here Still Running, and the link above now works too.) A very Zen-like title, said Grandmère Mimi (if I am remembering correctly).* Good heavens, another Episcopalian with a checkered religious past. What is it with this crowd? Really, I don't read or recommend only Episcopal blogs.

*****Mimi also notes that JohnieB is a little crazy. JohnieB retorts that he is 100% government-certified wacko.

So here's a bonus. You really should read Velveteen Rabbi for some thoughtful, religiously nourishing and spiritually heartfelt Jewish fare. Velveteen Rabbi has been in the blogosphere for quite a while and she is hugely popular among persons of many faiths, and for good reason. Poke around the archive, not just the present posts.

Besides which, today is TuB'Shvat (or TuBiShvat), The New Year of Trees, in the Jewish tradition.

And now, back to our scheduled alleged non-blogging. (Ha!)


MikeF said...

"lgbt (having lived in California for ten years, I put the "L" first)"

How odd - being British I instinctively write the acronym that way round too - though a quick Google shows me that though more common, it's not universal over here. Hmm. Ladies first, I reckon, every time ;-)

johnieb said...

Good morning, Jane.

I changed it last night to co-incide with the blog title, as my daughter said she couldn't access it on her work computer because of the word "damned". Potty mouth Poppa.

So it's http://herestillrunning.blogspot.com

I apologize for making this awkward; blog and learn.

Peace, and thanks for the publicity and the comments.

Jane R said...

Duly corrected, JohnieB. Not a problem.

Mike, you are a gentleman, no doubt about that. I love it when Britain and California meet!

I have a faculty meeting in 45 minutes. Oh joy. And I have to figure out some Lenten things. And my annual Mardi Gras crepes party, which is coming up sooner than I realized! Akh! Thank goodness for e-vites. Doxy and LJ, in case you're reading this, watch for your invites, via e-vite. Any other NC friends around? Sharecropper? Are you nearby? Iris at Greensboro Birds, you're most welcome. We have Greensboro birds here too. :-)

johnieb said...

And I got to mention Tub'shvat in Yoga class yesterday, thanks to cool friends.

Ken said...

Ken moved Le Bestiare back to Typepad from Wordpress even though the latter is free. Typepad has better distribution. Won't go into it now, but someone brought trouble to me and it's going to come back at them. Typepad is the medium. The new screen name is Moreau. Anyone every see the movie?

Jane R said...

What's the new URL? Post it here in the comments and I will make a correction in the post.