Friday, January 11, 2008

We should hear this one more often

God forgives you.
Forgive others;
forgive yourself.

*********-A New Zealand Prayer Book


eileen said...

((((Jane)))) Thanks! I needed this today badly!

And yes, I did obnoxiously tag you!

Paul said...

This is, perhaps, my favorite absolution. We used it at St Cuddy's during Lent. I always said the three phrases separately, slowly, and with the most lovingly authoritative voice I could muster, hoping the words would sink in. (It should never be said perfunctorily or it won't be heard.)

Yes, we all need to hear this, over and over.

pj said...

Oh jeez, you've been double-tagged. Well, Eileen got here first. :)

Jane R said...

Thank you, Paul. This is true and good exercise of sacramental ministry.

Eileen and pj, I've done the meme. Enjoy.