Friday, July 18, 2008

+Carol Gallagher's blog mamabishop

For the last several weeks I have been reading Bishop Carol Gallagher's blog, mamabishop. I don't read it every day but she posts almost daily, mostly spiritual meditations grounded in daily life. Bishop Gallagher, the first Native American (Cherokee) Episcopal woman bishop, is not at Lambeth, I assume for family and pastoral reasons.

I heard of Bishop Gallagher some years ago when she became a bishop, but discovered her blog when the Episcopal Café reported on the fact that she had been asked by Bishop Michael Smith of North Dakota (also a Native bishop - Potawatomi - he blogs here) to accompany those in the diocese who did not share his positions on human sexuality and other controversial matters. This is a first because he is a more "conservative" bishop and she a more "liberal" one (I try not to use those two terms, which have become either meaningless or likely to trigger quick reactions, so I put them in quotes) -- usually the more "liberal" make provisions for the "conversative" minority. Bishop Gallagher wrote about the decision and invitation here.

She writes a lot about nature, her family, and God. And the church. Have a look. A serene and searching voice in our midst.

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FranIAm said...

I could get lost in that blog in a very deep and beautiful way.

Thank you Jane.