Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14 blog flashback #1: La Marseillaise

Blog flashback: last year on this date...

In honor of what Americans call "Bastille Day" and the French simply call "le quatorze juillet" (the 14th of July) or more formally "la Fête Nationale" (the National Holiday) I posted the famous and stirring Marseillaise scene from the movie "Casablanca." Everybody out of your seats, on your feet, and singing!

I grew up singing this and I must say I still love it, despite my pacifist leanings.


Chris T. said...

I was lucky enough to get stuck in Paris on the 14th of July a couple years back. This is the video I took of the fireworks from my hotel room balcony:

Sadly, I'm not doing anything interesting tonight!

Ken said...

Oh God, that is one of the great scenes in any movie! Quick!! Someone send it to Rush Limbaugh!:-)

FranIAm said...

How I love that scene!
Those facial expressions!!