Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making salsa while pondering a blog slowdown

Pondering a blog slowdown. Not quite yet and likely temporary, but perhaps necessary the next two or three weeks.

Meanwhile, off to the kitchen to make salsa, the first homemade one of the summer. The tomatoes are in full glory at the farmers' markets and I also bought some hot little green peppers, ¡ay!, and there are onions in the house as always. And lime juice. And garlic, if I decide to include garlic. Much as I love garlic, I tend to leave it out of salsa. I will have to wait till tomorrow to put in fresh cilantro, which I neglected to get today, but the other ingredients are here, so I'll have a cilantro-less salsa tonight (with a little cumin in it) and a cilantro-fragrant one tomorrow.

Giving thanks for the earth and all growing plants and the people who grown them.


FranIAm said...


FranIAm said...

Haste makes waste... or at least makes a double comment!

Amen to the salsa. To your absence, I will rend my garments but understand.

Kitten said...

I once tried making salsa with scotchbonnet peppers I found at the farmers' market one year...I ended up burning my hands. I haven't made salsa since. (But the salsa I did make turned out to be quite flavorful!)

johnieb said...

Mon, Scotch Bonnet requires gloves, the ones used by Welders!

Those tomatoes look so good; we won't have them in abundance (for salsa & marinara & roasting & Gazpacho &...)

Where was I? Oh yeah: sob!

Caminante said...

La vida sin salsa no vale nada. Life without salsa isn't worth anything.

Love those heirloom tomatoes.

Last night I made salsa with homegrown cilantro (not much left), parsley, and hot jalepeños. Onion and tomatoes still come from the market but my roma (plum) tomatoes are coming along. Then I just add in some white vinegar and I am ready to go happily.