Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer tunes: Only a Dream in Rio

I put together a series of rather sad tuneful songs, bouncing off Grandmère Mimi's musical offering of earlier this p.m. (dedicated to an unnamed person who probably wasn't me, but you know how Smokey Robinson and the Miracles can grab you in the gut at the right time) and have decided not to post them and instead to post only the feel-good song at the end of the series.

It's "Only a Dream in Rio," by James Taylor, performed in two different videos.

A live concert performance in which JT talks about how he came to write the song.

A less glitzy but equally good and more Afro-Brazilian-influenced performance, also live, but on tv and with Milton Nascimento. Well worth a listen.

I have always loved this song.

No idea why I have Brazil on the brain these days.

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