Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer tunes: time for some more Brazilian music

This is old stuff. If you like heavy metal, you will not like this. It's more for the AARP set, but hey, I've got my membership card, and besides, it's late on a summer night. Mellow is good.

A little warm-up. (Don't be fooled by the shabadaba singers at the opening. This is classic bossa nova from one of the masters.) Antonio Carlos Jobim singing "Agua de Beber" in concert in Montréal.

And now, another tune by Jobim, played by Jobim. This one's an instrumental. "Wave," with Jobim on piano and I'm not sure who on the flute. If you listen to only one, this should probably be it -- though you'll miss the soft Brazilian Portuguese caressing your ears in the other two.

Finally, to round off your mellow evening, "Desafinado" performed by João Gilberto and Antonio Carlos (Tom) Jobim. I think I first heard this when it came out. I must have been ten or eleven years old.

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Kitten said...

Thanks for the tunes, Jane. I've got "Agua de Beber" going through my head now, but at least it's a very pleasant tune to have going through one's head. :)