Monday, July 28, 2008

We interrupt our Lambeth-free program to bring you this. Read it and weep. And pray.

Read the story behind the picture here.


Diane said...

thank you for posting this.

liturgy said...

I stumbled over this.
I hope you might stumble back to my
and consider linking.
Let me know.

Jane R said...

Hallo, Bosco. I linked to you back at Christmas after you visited. (You're in the column to the right under Websites. I'm going to reorganize all those resources on the right in late August or September, I think.) Haven't had a chance to visit your website in a while but will return there in a few weeks. I appreciate your resources there! Thanks for visit.

liturgy said...

I've got you in my links also.
Like you - I'd love to have time to sort them
but people tell me how useful they find them even as they are :-)
I hope you find much improved when you pop by.
I wonder in your updating
if you gave the link the title "Liturgy" it would help people know what the site is about.
Blessings & prayers