Monday, July 7, 2008

Women bishops in the Church of England!

Says the Lead at the Episcopal Café.

Also, the BBC has the story, so it must be true. ;-)

Alleluia. Oremus.

There is, alas, a clause to accommodate those who are not yet persuaded of the full humanity of women,* as you can see in the BBC story, but it is less stringent than one of the original proposals.

* which is a theological matter and not just "about discrimination" - as if the two were ever separate. Still, it sounds as if Christians did listen to one another at the gathering, which may be as much a sign of hope as the actual news.

Ruth Gledhill has full detail, for those of you who are inclined in that direction and have time to read.

Slowly. Step by step.

Alleluia. Oremus.


John the organist said...

Praise the Lord!

Jane R said...

John, how good to have a visit from you! I haven't visited your blog in a long while, I'm afraid. (Nothing to do with you -- I've always enjoyed reading you -- and more to do with the shape of my life these last months.) Thank you so much for coming by. I shall visit in the near future.

it's margaret said...

Hi Jane --love your reflection. And Happy Chagall Day!


FranIAm said...

Thanks be to God!

Doorman-Priest said...

This has to be good news for us all - unless you want to be closer to Rome.

Who would want to be closer to Rome?

pj said...

I'd love to be closer to Rome -- but only for the food and the art!

Jane, this was the first thing I heard as I woke up this morning. I yelled, "yay!" before I even opened my eyes.