Friday, December 26, 2008

Monkey Mama

Eleven-year-old orang-utan Sinta holds her baby Natalia at Taman Safari zoo in Pasuruan in Indonesia's East Java province December 25, 2008. Natalia was born early morning on Thursday and 25 orang-utans are currently staying at Taman Safari in Pasuruan.

(Photo: Reuters/Sigit Pamungkas - Indonesia)

Jane will continue to be on blog break (mostly) till at least January 12.

This post brought to you by +Maya Pavlova, FBE, who knows that Jane and her One and Only Sibling loooove simians of all kind. +Maya begs to remind you that we are all for the theory of evolution in this household, but that cats are at the top of the evolution ladder.


+clumber said...

My dearest +Maya Pavlova,

Not to be a stickler for details, but one makes a grave scientific error in thinking of evolution as a ladder. Rather, it has more the appearance of a shrub or bush, wherein all creatures existent share equally in "highness" or perhaps a better way to think of that is that there is no such quality as "high" on the evolutionary scale. There is only success or failure to adapt and evolve. But perhaps we can at least agree that dogs and cats are "out there" on the evolutionary shrub of life.

+clumber, (resting uncomfortably after too much Blueberry Pie)

+Maya Pavlova, FBE said...

Dearest +clumber,

Thank you for correcting our hasty pseudo-scientific quip. How fortunate we are that you are a bishop who is a scientist. Oh my, just like the PB herself, but in a different field. Bless you. Yes, the shrub image is more accurate. We simply wanted to make the point and bipeds and their simian relatives were not necessarily the crown of creation, for look what a mess they have made of it. Not that we four-footed folk are without fault.

The Canon to the Extraordinary and I seem to remember something to do with a fine berry harvest in your neighborhood last summer. Were these pies made from frozen portions of the harvest? Pie for Christmas (or St. Stephen's Day perhaps?) is a fine idea.

The Canon, thanks to a tasteful human friend, had a little brunch out yesterday after leading a small community in prayer on the First Sunday after Christmas. She came home smacking her lips and mumbling about "best grits I've had in this here town" and "frittata" and "Pinot Noir." I don't think she had room for dessert. She gave me cat treats made with herring. I want more.


+Maya Pavlova, FBE

P.S. Aren't the orangutangs cute?

+clumber said...

Cute indeed.. and the pie was in fact made by berries picked by grandpups, lovingly baked by Mrs. Clumber, and it was delicious!

I am deeply disturbed right now though after seeing this . Lazy ass bipeds... I guess taking the dog for a walk as equals is too much to ask for, huh?

+Maya Pavlova said...

Sounds like a very happy pie. Food is always better when it has love in it.

As for the photo: Dreadful! Lazy ass bipeds indeed. +We deplore this. They only have two feet and now they don't want to use them?!

I hope someone takes away their herring treats and chewy toys for a month.

+Maya has spoken.