Friday, December 19, 2008

Slowing down

Although there is a bit of administrative catch-up for me to finish today, the Guilford semester is over and I am at home a lot, slowing down, getting enough sleep at last, returning to the gym, and trying to recover from one of the more stressful semesters in recent history.

As +Maya noted a couple of days ago, I am in blog slowdown mode. It is not easy, in that I love the company and whatever creativity I can muster and love reading the creative efforts and news of others. But drawing inward in this holiday season has been my plan for a while and I want to keep to it, for the sake of my health and sanity and also to finish up some writing I have had to neglect these past few months.

I'm not totally disappearing: I will be posting this Sunday's sermon, which will be about Mary our sister, the mother of Jesus, but I will be blogging much less between now and mid-January. Please keep me in your prayers, those of you who pray (I welcome good vibrations, thoughts, and incantations from those of you who do not and messages of cheer from any and all of you) and do keep checking in here. Her Grace the feline bishop may make a few appearances, either to keep you posted or to show off her wisdom and beauty.

+Maya Pavlova says: I've been too busy getting extra sleep to write an Advent pastoral letter, but this would have been its theme: "Advent Alertness and Winter Sleep." I am living both. Mmmmmrrrrrrrrooowwwwwww.

Peace out.


pj said...

Don't worry about us. A blog shouldn't feel like an obligation.


Six inches of snow outside my door, by the way. I want to curl up like +Maya.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jane, you have my prayers during your time of solitude and rest. May it be all that you wish.

I'm admiring your white sofa (along with the beautiful +Maya) in the post above. I would never have the courage to buy a white sofa. You are bold, indeed.

Jane R said...

Dear Mimi, it is more like a nubby beige sofa --the flash must have lightened the color-- so its color actually covers a multitude of sins. Also, it was a free hand-me-down from my parents from when they moved to their apartment in the retirement community and were downsizing a bit. It's a sofabed, too. +Maya has gone after the arms so one is a bit shredded, but it's a nice sofa, and she sits on it more than I! But I will probably make more use of it during this holiday than I usually do, because it's a nice place to sit and read.

Thanks very much for your prayers. I will write you off-blog to fill you in on a few recent happenings.

Jane (and +Maya, who wanted to eat my yogurt at breakfast-time)