Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brigid and Candlemas

Yesterday, Padre Mickey de Panamá wrote:

I know Bride's feast was yesterday, but, technically, it is transferred to today, 'cuza dat Sunday thang. But then again, today is Candlemas, but, really, how many women do YOU know who need "cleansing?" That's what I thought.

He continues:

Today is the feast of St. Brigid, who is also called St. Bride. Next to St. Patrick, she is the most beloved of Irish saints.

Read on, a fine Brigid tale, here.

The image above is by Jan Richardson, who also has a post about Brigid here. This is from Jan's blog (one of several) The Painted Prayerbook.

The Bridge Building Images icon of Brigid, which has appeared on other blogs, is here with a little note on Brigid's connection to Brid, Celtic goddess of fire.

This is a St. Brigid cross.

Jan Richardson also has a post about Candlemas, a.k.a. the Feast of the Presentation, from which these candles come.


Kitten said...

We honored St. Brigid the other day at church services. The Covenant of UU Pagans held their Candlemas/Winter Quarter service, and it was very beautifully done. The woman who did the presentation on St. Brigid told us about her role in Ireland, as well as her "unsainting" from the Catholic church. Your explanation about St. Brigid, and links to more info about Candlemas, really helped fill in a lot of gaps for me, and answered some questions that weren't answered in the service. Thanks!

FranIAm said...

What a lovely post dear Jane.

I did not get my throat blessed yesterday and today it is sore... amazing coincidence or disturbing parallel? It started - literally - as I completed my two page reflection paper on how the primitive kerygma of the Lucan writings influences my own ministry today.


lj said...

Love Jan's art. Do you remember seeing one of her pieces over the mantle at Holy Ground? She did a couple of presentations for us and gave us a wonderful "round supper."

(Can I still say "us" after I quit?)

Jane R said...

Dear LJ, I don't remember, but maybe that is why her art was so familiar when I rediscovered it online? I love it. I like her writing, too. Her art-and-spirituality blogs have been one of the best spiritual resources I'd discovered on the Web.

So, are you quitting or did you quit?

I miss Western NC. Wish I could have gotten there again over fall break. Maybe in the spring.

Jane R said...

Fran - too much! Don't miss St. Blaise next year... As for the kerygma, I want to see that essay you write!

Kitten, glad the resources were helpful. There is a lot about Brigid out there these days what with the craze about all things Celtic and the interest in holy women's stories and spiritualities.