Thursday, February 19, 2009

A note from +Maya Pavlova

Dear all,

It is I, The Right Reverend and Right Honorable Maya Pavlova, Feline Bishop Extraordinaire. My lovely white paws are on the laptop.

I want to apologize on Jane's behalf for her low blogging levels these days. She hasn't even posted her sermon from ten days ago, the one she only had seventy percent written down and on which she did such a fine job extemporizing the remaining thirty percent, if I may say so my episcopal self. I wasn't there, you understand, but I heard about it. There were two liturgies that weekend and word gets around.

My Jane is a little on the tired and discouraged side, so she's not being as creative as she might be. She's also working hard because she teaches in the early morning and all evening the first half of the week and then there are meetings and then she wants to sleep. What she really wants to do is sleep some more and also be a solitary writer. She's having trouble making sentences these days, though. Also she wants a vacation. I think she will get one, in a few months, but right now it's not there. I am compensating for this by taking extra naps. I am even more beautiful and soft than usual these days and Jane is noticing. So she's not completely in the Slough of Despond.

As you know, Jane is my Canon to the Extraordinary, and a fine one she is, though she was a little slow getting to my kitty litter maintenance this week. But in her discouragement she seems to think that this and one or two other things make her a bad Canon. Please tell her she is not. The canine and feline bishops think no one is a failure, especially one who loves well.

Now, does anyone have any kitty treats? While I am at it, I thought I'd ask.

Love and purrs,

+Maya Pavlova, FBE


+clumber said...

Dear +Maya,

I am lying in solidarity with you and joining you in extra napping, and will pass the word on to the other canine bishops, +Airedale and +Rowan, although I have not heard from +Airedale for a while and am slightly worried. Please assure Jane that she is doing a very fine job as both the CBE and as a teacher and learned person (unlike myself, although I do use books quite often in my napping as a pillow). I am sure that many are receiving a fine education, both from her teaching in the classroom and from the pulpit. Now I must go find a bowl of nourishment after all this typing. My paws are killing me.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Hugs and much love to both of you. Jane is AWESOME--especially since she kept me awake during my long drive last night with her very interesting stories! Purr at her for me, will you?


MikeF said...

Dear +Maya, Rt. Revd. Mogget,

Purrs from Figgy, Ruby and the very pregnant Ftifa, and from Griffin, Feline Pastoral Visitor from Next Door.

Truly your human is among the most excellent of her kind. Look after her well, and care for her spiritual needs as she cares for your physical ones. Do especially try and ensure she takes sufficient, and lengthy, naps.

it's margaret said...

Dear Feline Bishop,

though I love to chase and try to scare the likes of you (which is why I make no claim to being a bishop), I am not really effective at it as generally you are bigger and smarter than I --so, it is with humility and gratitude that I stand in awe and solidarity with you as we both love those ones who are bigger and claim to be smarter than we are....

I encourage you to do one of those things that are so easy to do, and make your human do that funny laugh and want to pick you up and snuggle you. It is so good for them.

All my love and respect to you, even though I still would like to chase you,
mr witty.

susankay said...

Maya, the Right Reverend: Tell Jane that she is loved by her blog community and that SHE DOES NOT OWE US constant blogging. And Molly-the-WonderDog says so too.

Rowan The Dog, Bishop of Playing said...

Dear Right Pretty and Most Fabulous Maya,

You are a real good kitty, +Maya, and a good bishop. But, for now, concentrate on your most important job which is to care for your human.

Helping out with the napping is a very creative ministry idea, and I am going to add a few extra naps to my own schedule to take some of the load off you and Jane.

And, I tell you what else, I am going to woof up some prayers to God and to Jesus too for them to look out for your guardian. And I am going to ask Jesus' mom if she will bring some rest and comfort to her too. She's real good at that. I will even get Lindy to light a candle which I can't do on account of, you know, paws.

After I've got all the Heavenly Hosts organized, I'll get back to the napping. You know, just to be helpful.

We Canine bishops will take up the slack for you while you care for your very great and swell canon. You know what to do, the purring and snuggling. Let her know how precious and how loved she is.

From your good friend and brother bishop,


PseudoPiskie said...

There is a new photo of +Maya taking good care of her canon on my blog.

Paul said...

Your Ladyship, it is most heartening to see your pastoral care in action. Having benefited from it in the past myself, I can only attest that you are an awesome bishop (and I write that with no attempts at preferment).

I have tried to do my part by going to bed earlier the past few nights. I may even get in a nap today.

I hope the CTE gets a chance to do the same.

Love to you both.

Lisa Fox said...

Peace and blessings to you both!

I join with others in urgine your Canon to take it easy on herself. When she blogs, she's wonderful. But self-care is Job #1.

Ken said...

My dear Rev. Bishop or whatever it is you're called...

Your Canon Jane has bailed my butt and soul out of deep trouble more than once in the last 10 years. She is my sister, the sister I never knew, the sister who as I've said before may very well have saved my life nine years ago. She is one of the few people besides my children for whom I feel unconditional love.

So it's my turn. Go to her, please, and tell her in the name of the love I bear her, that whatever has invaded her soul, it passes. It passes. She taught that to me and I'm merely reminding her of it. And I indeed believe that awful things do indeed happen to us, but it is our attitudes that make despair and suffering fall upon us like an acid-soaked cloak.

Jane, if +Maya lets you read this, know I love you and pray for you to kick your way out of the slough. It sucks down there.--


Grandmère Mimi said...

+Maya, what a great example of shepherding the lost sheep you are to bishops all over the world. Your dear Jane, the poor lost sheep of your and our deep concern and affection, is sure to recover quickly from her tiredness and discouragement with you in attendance. Just you be sure to take care of yourself, too, by keeping to your regular schedule of naps and grooming.

Give Jane our love and assure her that she is a fine Canon to the Extraordinary, and firmly, but oh so gently, prod her to be faithful to her litter box duties.

Treats are on the way, dear +Maya.

Caminante said...

Dear +Maya, Obispa Estimada,

While you may be an episcopal figure and therefore worthy of service, you also are called to serve so make sure you give your Canon lots of extra love and purrs and lap time. That always helps hoomins when they are in a slump.

So saith Miss Kitty Wisdom, La Doyenne, Sophia

Mary Clara said...

What everybody else said. Your Grace, I am banking some extra minutes of sleep and transferring them to Jane's account.

It is so true that your excellent beloved and faithful Canon does not owe us a steady stream of blogging. After all, anybody who feels the need for some Redmont wisdom can simply order a copy of 'When in Doubt, Sing' and read a few pages each day!