Friday, January 8, 2010

Beautiful +Maya, the photogenic feline

She looks like this, lying on her side with a paw over her nose and her fuzzy tummy showing, but she's under the desk lamp right now, snoozing on the wooden desk next to me.

I really need to start taking pictures again.

I tried out the camera on my new BlackBerry (free when I joined up with CREDO Mobile) and its first picture (if you don't count the two accidental ones) was this. Speaking of fuzzy.

+Maya Pavlova is still the most beautiful cat on the planet. And soft! Must be the organic cat food.


Lindy said...

She IS beautiful.
Love that little paw over the nose.

Fran said...

Oh she is very special! BooBoo is wonderful but has to be the least photogenic cat ever.

And Lindy is right - that paw!

Jane R said...

Oh, I don't know, that last photo of BooBoo you posted with his nose in the food (or water) dish was pretty adorable!