Monday, August 2, 2010

The first figs

Saturday was also the day of the first figs. The house I rent has a biblical back yard: a vine and two fig trees! The figs are now ripe, more of them each day, and the first harvest was Saturday. I'm going to be giving away figs a lot. Greensboro friends take note. They are delicious. In the photo some of them were still wet from the recent rain.

In other news, we've had rain, grey skies, and lower temperatures. Climbing back up today, but with a bit of rain. It's been heavenly keeping the windows open. And yesterday it was cool enough for me to talk a walk. The birds were happy too and singing loudly in the trees.

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Rosie Delacruz said...

These figs look yummy. Too bad I don't live closer. What will you do with them? (Perhaps you already have some recipes.)

My relatives in Andean Peru soaked them in molasses. Can't remember for how long. Anyway, they make a delicious (and rich) treat.