Thursday, May 17, 2007

Alan Johnston (abducted BBC reporter) support

Alan Johnston banner

As a member of a family of journalists, including foreign correspondents, I feel compelled to post this. With acknowledgment, of course, that many others suffer in the region and that many other journalists have met with danger and demise especially in the last decade. But we all have our personal connections. I am always moved to hear the brief acknowledgement of Johnston on the BBC when I listen to its radio news, which I do often.

(I generally listen to the BBC on my local public radio station, but as you will see via the "radio news" link above, you can listen online.)

I should figure out where to post this semi-permanently on the sidebar, but meanwhile, here it is. Click on the picture for the BBC site and a small way to help.

On related matters, the Committee to Protect Journalists is here.

I salute my relatives -- and I mean not just my blood relatives, but journalists worldwide, to whom I will always feel related.


A post-scriptum on May 20: I had no idea when I wrote the above that the day I posted this, May 17, was Alan Johnston's 45th birthday. Look at the article with AJ's father's face (same blue eyes - scroll down a bit for that photo) and his birthday message, too.

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