Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And now for a little levity

CLICK HERE for music.

With eternal gratitude to Miss Ella and the Duke.



johnieb said...

Sweet! Who was that singing with Ella? It appears to have been made after 1964 or so--"Hard Day's Night scat--it's wonderful, but how may I learn more about the recording?

Is there a course "What I should have already learned." out yet? I'm sure there's a demand.

Jane R said...

Well, the Duke did do a recording of same with Louis Armstrong, I know that. But I don't know what recording this is since as you can see I got it on e-snips (which is kind of like YouTube without the tube). I suppose you could write the person who put it on eSnips, there is a moniker there on the eSnips page. Or go to's music section and wander through the Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington recordings. They often have little sample snips of music.

Or if you're in San Francisco (I know, you live in Hartford, but everyone ends up in San Francisco sooner or later, on a visit anyway) go to the downtown Borders and find my friend Joe at the CD counter!

I'm going to be a little less chatty from now on but don't take it personally, and do keep commenting, I'm going to do this with everyone, I have to focus on the writing I am supposed to (and want to) be doing the first half of my summer break.

johnieb said...

Thank you for repeating that; it is a comfort. As you may have time to note, there are other points of interest, including AP.