Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bird update

I seem to have expanded from cat blogging to bird blogging. Not forgetting the cats, of course; I visited a fine young one at my neighbors' last night, and if I had a digital camera I would take a photo, but I don't. (Send me your tired, your poor, your castaway cameras...) Perhaps I'll use the regular camera and have a disk made, since they do that these days at the local drugstore. At any rate, that litte cat is an orange striped one with a Chinese name. But I digress. The local birds are doing well. Here are, in order, an Eastern Bluebird a-rufflin', a Turkey Vulture amid the green branches, and, complete with mom and dad, one of the swan families on which we reported previously, with the invaluable help of Greensboro birds, to whom as always we extend our gratitude.

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