Monday, May 7, 2007

Birthday and strawberries

Today is my birthday. I'm cooking up a feast for a gathering of friends this evening, and tomorrow I'm running off for a few days to a place with no internet and no cell phone reception. Haha!

But I'll post a bit later today or early tomorrow to follow up on that May 1 question...

The strawberries are there because when I was a child in France we always had the first strawberries for my birthday, and as an adult I've kept up the tradition when I've been in a place where the growing season allows for this. (I tend to eat local and seasonal food. No plastic winter tomatoes on my menu!) The strawberries ripened early this year in North Carolina, and the farmers' markets have been full of them.


Kirstin said...

Happy Birthday!

Strawberries are my favorite thing about CA. I'm from Seattle, where the season is 3 weeks in June.

Have a great time away! I get to work this summer at the Bishop's Ranch, and I can't wait.

Padre Mickey said...

¡Feliz Cumpliaños, amiga!
Enjoy your fresas. Not such a big fan of ichigo myself, I'm more into tropical fruit (which works out really well, lemme tell ya!)

Have a wonderful day, a great and festive dinner with your friends, and a good time resting.

Jane R said...

Gracias, you two. I saw your lovely messages before leaving, but was trying to get packed for my little trip. What a nice send-off. The party was fun -- I cooked up a storm and everyone ate and drank and talked and had a good time -- and then I ran off for some quiet time. Just posted a photo of one of the views I saw today (Sat. 5/12) - enjoy it. Awfully purty up there in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jane R said...

P.S. Kirstin, what a great summer job. I love that place.