Sunday, May 6, 2007

Never underestimate the influence of Mama: Feast of Mon(n)ica, two days late

May 4 is the feast of Monica, mother of Augustine of Hippo. They are two of the great African saints. One could do a whole series on saints who were mothers and the part they played in the education and formation of their famous sons. I think of Susanna Wesley, a powerhouse of Christian commitment like Monica (though in a different era and place and of a different flavor) who had a major influence on her boys John and Charles. (I use “saint” in the broader sense than canonized or formally recognized saints.)

At any rate, I am two days late, so here endeth my minuscule reflection, and besides, Padre Mickey has a good post on Mon(n)ica, and he got his up in time for the feast. Go have a look.

On the Episcopal calendar her name is spelled Monnica. In the history books she is mostly Monica. Ditto the Roman Catholic calendar. Go figure. Anybody know why the Anglicans give her two Ns? (And don’t tell me it’s because the word “Anglican” has two Ns, I’m serious here.)

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